Pursue your passion and enrich your career by
controlling your own schedule

Staying motivated and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits is key to reaping all the rewards of working in an online world.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

Trouble staying motivated working from home?

Swamped by administrative tasks?

Feeling disconnected from others?

Lacking structure to your working day?

Learning new disciplines

Whether you are in a corporation or working as a freelancer, learning to stay connected while working remotely is vital for your professional and personal life. At The New Economy we help coach businesses and individuals with the strategies that are proven to improve engagement and productivity so you can free up your time doing what you love best.

How we can help

Connect and network

Overcome isolation by connecting with a network of peers you can bounce ideas off. Even if you are already navigating the gig economy, engaging and learning from others can open doors and propel you forward. Establishing the strategic partners so your business so your customer database is broadened will bring in additional revenue streams.

Play to your strengths

Many people when they start out self-employed try to do everything in an effort to save money, only to find they have no time to invest in what they do well. Don’t get caught in the trap of doing it all and learn to delegate those tasks that are wasting your valuable time. It’s about learning to play to your strengths and outsourcing or crowdsourcing those functions that others are more efficient in managing so your business grows quicker.

Build momentum through healthy habits

Learning to structure your day when no one is telling you what to do is one of the biggest hurdles to thriving in the New Economy. Mapping out the markers of your day that build healthy rhythms will help build momentum in your business. You will learn how you can be kept in check so that you don’t waste time during your day and learn to prioritise on tasks so that high valued work is completed.

The New Economy